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General Services
Process Service
North Carolina and South Carolina - Statewide - Flat Fee
Mobile Notary
North Carolina and South Carolina - Statewide - Flat Fee
Courier Services
Upstate South Carolina and the greater Charlotte Metro area - Flat Fee
Sweep the area for recording devices. Home or Office Upstate South Carolina and the greater Charlotte Metro - Billed Hourly
Pre-employment Screening & Background Checks
Check references provided by prospective employee; speak to past employers, and computerized background check of credentials. Nationwide - Flat Fee
Asset Location
Computerized search of assets (e.g. bank accounts, realty, vehicles) - Nationwide - Flat Fee
Employment Verification
Verification of current and/or past employment - Nationwide - Flat Fee
GPS Tracking
The latest in Global Positioning Systems for assistance in mobile surveillance - Deposit Required
Domestic Services
Billed Hourly
Adultery Investigations
A spouse suspects infidelity and wants to confirm or remove suspicion.
Child Custody
To determine the lifestyle of one of the parents or custodian of the child to assist in a change of custody
Alimony & Child Support
To determine if there are other monies available for support of child or spouse or the termination of alimony.
For documentation by means of hidden cameras, body cameras and the latest in Global Positioning Systems for assistance in mobile surveillance.
Criminal Services
Billed Hourly
Criminal Defense Investigation
Assist attorneys in preparation for trial by interviewing witnesses, preparing defendants to testify, retrieval of discovery.
Trial Preparation
Review discovery. Interview involved law enforcement personnel, witnesses and victims. Advise attorney of any discrepancies in statements. Provide background checks on possible witnesses and advise on their conduct and demeanor.
Witness Preparation
Prepare each witness for testifying so they are prepared and comfortable on the stand.
Jury Profiling
During high profile cases where the jury list is provided in advance, Investigator will provide information on potential jurors to Attorney.
Civil Services
Billed Hourly
Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
Interview investigating officer and witnesses, photograph accident location and retrieve reports. For Reconstruction, entire accident is physically re-enacted.
Personal Injury Claims Investigation
Retrieve information so the Attorney can determine the validity of the case. Photograph or video the scene, interview victim & witnesses, retrieve any written reports.
Worker's Compensation Claims
Conduct professional surveillance and provide documentation to the Client as to the validity of claimant's injuries.
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